About Us

RECK Fragrances India is a wing of Royal Product (INDIA) –since 1962 has for 54 years been involved in almost every aspect of the organic herbal supply chain, from agricultural production through to international commodity trading and the creation of branded products. In the year 2013, we reviewed the turning point. Reck Fragrances INDIA has signed a strategic partnership deal with China’s leading F&F company CHINA NATURAL SPICES GROUP LTD., WENZHOU & its subsidiries CHINA NATURAL FRAGRANCES GROUP LTD, HONGKONG AND NOAH PRECIOUS HANDCRAFT LTD., YUENGING to look after both countries F&F business and to develop the best ever supply chain world wide.  We are one of India’s leading manufacturer, true distillers, Exporters, Importers, Traders & Retailers of Pure Essential Oil, Indian Attar’s, Aromatic Chemicals & Compounds. Building on this experience, we have developed an innovative approach to source and supply one of the world’s largest range of Organic Plant ingredients.mmexport1464166227959

Our commitment is to deliver a smooth, transparent and managed supply chain from primary production to end-use, assuring quality and traceability.RECK Fragrances draws on more than 100 producers and suppliers in 40 countries covering over 1,000,000 hectares of certified land, specializing in the provision of Pure Essential Oils, Essential Oil Absolutes, Plant-based Raw Materials & Ingredients to international manufacturers and traders of food, beverages, medicines and cosmetics.We operate to the most stringent criteria and standards of sustainable agriculture and environmental management and are committed to benefit-sharing.

The core of our activity is creating partnerships with farmers and collectors of plants, assisting them in meeting the market parameters for a crop and handling its sale.

Uniquely, RECK has developed a profit share structure whereby producers are offered a financial stake in the company based on a share of annual profits.

Although we hold stocks of some key ingredients in the INDIA, most products are shipped direct from source to customer. Through efficient supply chain management, we are able to ensure fair prices for producers whilst at the same time remaining competitive.

Mission & Objective


RECK FRAFRANCES “INDIA” principal objective is to develop partnerships with producers and collectors of organic herbal ingredients and sell their products into the international food, cosmetics and medicines markets.We achieve this by quality control, efficient management of the supply chain, a keen understanding of the buyer’s requirements and providing an exemplary service.Operating to the highest ethical and environmental standards, we actively support organic farming, the managed collection of wild plants, biodiversity and rural livelihoods.

Business can, and should, be used to promote sustainable development, environmental conservation and socio-economic progress.
Given the global nature of economic activity, Organic Partners is founded on the premise that to actualize the philosophy of sustainability, it must have a sound and coherent business strategy. Built on a 25 year foundation of successful entrepreneurial activity within the herbal sector, Organic Partners has the means to ‘walk the talk’ – to deliver services to both producers and buyers of herbal ingredients efficiently and cost effectively. Through sound business management, we deliver the non-financial aspirations which are at the company’s heart.

Environmental sustainability without consideration of the social dynamic cannot be truly sustainable. Communities which are exploited are inherently unstable.RECK Fragrances believes that benefit sharing is not only ethically right but that it is also a foundation stone of sustainable business.
Our policy espouses fair trade and benefit sharing – and makes this concrete by independent verification standards. We are certified as a Fairtrade company by FLO (Fairtrade Labelling Organisation) and incorporate the criteria of FairWild, Soil Association’s Ethical Trade Programme, and the UEBT (Union of Ethical BioTrade).

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