Reck Fragrances, Kannauj”INDIA” ensures that our quality systems and those of our suppliers meet all the criteria required by today’s market.

Sources :
Quality starts with the living plant. We have been working with farmers and collectors for many years and are constantly extending our relationships with new producers and into new product areas. In addition to farm visits, we use a comprehensive assessment system through which we establish the capabilities of all new suppliers. This acts not only as a vetting procedure but also provides the basis for the critical path that a producer must follow to achieve the required standards.

Traceability :
RECK Fragrances” maintains full product traceability throughout import, processing and export. Working closely with producers, incorporating certifying bodies procedures and utilizing unique batch codes, we are able to guarantee batch integrity through every step of the supply chain.

Our warehouse and processing facilities operate a comprehensive HACCP Policy.

Organoleptic Assessment :
All samples undergo physical analysis by our quality team. Organoleptic assessment meetings are held to check samples of every batch – type, pre-shipment and as delivered – for both liquid and dry products; testing for the latter includes colour, taste, texture, aroma, foreign matter and cut. All samples received are stored for three years, providing an extensive reference.

An ISO 9001:2008 Certified
We are certified by an ISO 9001:2008 bour production and social causes, rigorous quality checks and documentation controls to each batch delivered and have the flexibility to provide most analysis or specifications that a customer may require. All culinary or infusion products are sold with microbiological analysis which we arrange before shipment as are Aflatoxin and Ochratoxin analysis which are provided to INDAS/ISO 190222 standards.

Good Manufacturing Practices Certified By WHO 
We are certified by GMP by World Health Organisation for our Best manufacturing practices and best quality control techniques. Altough, We care for you.

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