Curry Leaf Oil

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Curry Leaf Essential Oil is obtained from the leaves of curry tree that is a small bush native to India through steam distillation process. In Ayurveda, curry leaf was so popular as a herbal plant to keep body and soul in good health that curry plant is almost a common sight in the backyards of rural residences in India. The active ingredients present in this oil acts as an anti-aging agent that helps to maintain youthfulness in the skin for a young and radiant look. This oil can also be used as hair massage oil prior to shampoo for attaining moisturized scalp and silky hair texture.

The curry tree is a small bush native to India that can be found growing almost everywhere in the Indian subcontinent excluding the higher levels of the Himalayas. In the East, its range extends into Burma. The leaves are distilled to extract the oil from the plant.

Curry Leaves

ß-caryophyllene (2.6ppm), ß-gurjunene (1.9), ß-elemene (0.6), ß-phellandrene (0.5), ß-thujene (0.4), a-selinene (0.3), ß-bisabolene (0.3), furthermore limonene, ß-trans-ocimene and ß-cadinene (0.2ppm)

Though there is no actual medical documentation available, aromatherapists have used Curry Leaf Essential Oil against diabetes, hair loss, and as a means of helping the skin maintain its natural pigmentation.

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